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A Whiter Smile May Be Easier Than You Think

August 25, 2019
Posted By: Charlestown Dental Care
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If you’re unhappy with the shade of your teeth, our Charlestown, NSW dentists may be able to help. We offer professional-grade teeth whitening in our dental clinic to help patients who are interested in teeth aesthetics achieve a whiter smile.

Professional teeth whitening in Charlestown, NSW begins with an exam to make sure your gums and teeth are healthy for bleaching.

Restorations and specific dental issues don’t necessarily rule you out as a candidate for teeth whitening. One of our dentists will decide the best course based on your health and the current state of your teeth and gums.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Charlestown, NSW Compared with Store-Bought Systems

At Charlestown Dental Care, we recommend keeping clear of store-bought systems and gels for several reasons, including:

  • The ingredients may be too abrasive and harm your enamel or lead to tooth sensitivity.
  • We don’t recommend using any product on your smile that your dentist has not approved for you.
  • You may be disappointed with uneven bleaching or a low whitening result.

Our dentists want you to have a positive teeth whitening experience, and help to lift away yellow and brown stains thoroughly.

With trained dental professionals on your side, it does not take long to whiten your teeth in Charlestown.

How Teeth Whitening in Charlestown, NSW Works

Our team takes a mould of your smile and uses this model to create a custom tray. You take this tray home and use it along with professional-strength teeth whitening gel to brighten your smile when you have an urge. Follow the instructions provided, and you should have a whiter smile in no time—maybe just in time for a family wedding or dream holiday. It's easy and convenient. 

If You Want a Whiter Smile, We Are Here to Help

If you’re dreaming of a whiter smile in Charlestown, NSW, we welcome your call.

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