Root Canal Therapy in Charlestown NSW

Just the mention of the words “root canal” is enough to bring up negative feelings for many people. It is essential, however, to recognise that root canals are a standard procedure that can save a diseased tooth from needing extraction.

Woman with Jaw Pain | Charlestown NSW Root CanalsMany of the negative associations about root canal therapy come from the fact that many people associate them with pain. But the pain of toothache leading up to the procedure is far worse than the treatment, which can be compared with getting a routine dental filling.

The team at Charlestown Dental Care provides effect root canal therapy that eliminates pain and gives you back the form and function of your tooth.

When a Root Canal Might Be Necessary

A root canal is needed to eliminate infection that has formed inside the root of the tooth. Often, a tooth infection makes itself known by causing toothache that goes from bad to unbearable in a matter of days. Other times, it can be asymptomatic, and a dental x-ray will identify the problem.

Other signs and symptoms include:

  • Swelling or inflammation at the site
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold
  • Discolouration in the area of the affected tooth
  • A small, white bump on the gums
  • Pain that gets worse when biting down

Your Comfort Is Our Priority

Patients who come to us in pain are already stressed, and we understand and empathise. Rest assured that our goal is to eliminate your pain and get you feeling comfortable again. Before beginning treatment, the area will be completely anaesthetised so you won’t feel anything during the procedure.

Using the latest in dental technology, our dentist will remove the bacteria from the root via a tiny hole made in the tooth. Tiny hand instruments and rotary tools are used to clean the canals and taper them so a filler can be placed in the canal. This filler will keep bacteria from returning to the area. Once the area is completely cleaned and filled, it will be sealed for added protection.

Post-Procedure Care

Older Woman | Root Canals in City of Lake MacquarieThe worst of your pain should subside immediately after this tooth-saving treatment, although the area might feel tender for a few days. We usually recommend a dental crown to protect the tooth that will tend to be brittle once the pulp has been removed. This will be done in a separate appointment.

Contact Us at the First Sign of Toothache in Charlestown

At our clinic, we prioritise emergencies and strive to treat them as quickly as possible. Dental pain is never normal, so if you are uncomfortable, we would like to get you back on track to good oral health and a comfortable smile. We invite you to call our Charlestown, NSW dental surgery if you think you might need a root canal.